Rocketbirds 2
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penguin soldier concept art

The Penguin army are the antagonists throughout Rocketbirds: Harboiled Chicken. They come in seven different varieties and use a variety of weaponry.

Penguin TypesEdit

  1. Regular Penguin - They are most common enemy in the game and they wear green uniforms. Found throughout various chapters. 
  1. Elite Penguins - They wear black or blue uniforms along with matching hats and have an armband. Found throughout various chapters.
  1. Red/Rocket Jetpack Penguins - They wear red uniforms with matching hats and are often seen wearing a jetpack.  
  1. Shield Penguin - They are a lot bigger/fatter than the normal penguins and wield a baton and bullet proof shield which has an image of a star on it. The first place you will come across them is during chapter 10. 
  1. Elite Shield Penguin - There is only one of these penguins in the single player campaign. He is found near the end of chapter 12 after you get the upgraded shotgun and call down the elevator. He will be on the left side of the elevator along with an elite penguin who'll be on the right side of the elevator. Stay on the right side of the elevator and neither of them will see you, making it easy to use your Brainbugs and take control of him. 
  1. Bazooka Wielding Penguin - They wear white uniforms and wield the bazookas. The first place you encounter them is during chapter 8. 
  1. Jetpack Penguins - Penguins wearing jetpacks that chase and fire at Hardboiled during the jetpack sections of the game.
  1. Helicopter Penguin - Encountered during the jetpack sections of the game, these penguins fire homing rockets that chase Harboiled for a set amount of time. These rockets can be outrun or tricked into hitting the helicopter penguin or his allies.

Other Enemies Edit

  1. Clones - Cloned copies of Hardboiled, loyal to the penguin regime, the cloned chickens carry pistols and look nearly identical to Hardboiled Chicken. 
  1. Brno - One of the Penguin armies leaders, Brno serves as the final boss of the game. He is protected by a shield and assisted by a variety of Penguin types during his boss battle. His shiled doesn't cover his back, allowing Harboiled to shoot him from behind. The Knife when acquired, will easily pierce Brno's shield and make the fight much easier.
  1. Putzki - He is seen throughout different chapters of the game. However, the only time you get an opportunity to Brainbug him is at the end of chapter 15.